Monster Tote More Convenient than Cardboard Moving Boxes!

Monster Tote often hears from customers about how easy and convenient Monster Tote made their move!  The process is simple:

1. You Order

2. We Deliver

3. You Move

4. We Pick-Up

Simply place your order online with a secured deposit, receive an invoice, and one of our representatives will contact you the day before delivery to confirm your location and time.  We know that your moving day can become unpredictable, so just contact Monster Tote if you need to change your delivery time/date, and we will work to find a time that is convenient for you!

Next, one of our representatives will deliver our plastic moving boxes/totes to your door for FREE.  Customers love that they don’t have to spend time driving to the store, buying cardboard moving boxes, tape, and tape guns, etc or finding used boxes.  They also love that our plastic moving boxes/totes are ready to use and do not require any assembly like cardboard moving boxes.  Did you know that it is estimated that buying/finding cardboard moving boxes and assembling them will take approximately four hours!!  For all these reasons, Monster Tote is much more convenient than cardboard moving boxes!

Once you’re done packing our plastic moving boxes/totes, simply close the attached lid; no tape is needed.  They are easy to stack, make your move much more organized, and have comfortable handles, making them easy to carry.  Depending on the package you choose, at least one four-wheel dolly is included, as well as a set of labels. Additional packing materials are listed at and can be added to your order.  You don’t ever have to go to the store to buy moving materials!!  If you discover that you need more of our plastic moving boxes/totes, just place another order online, and we will be happy to deliver them to you.

After your move, one of our representatives will pick-up our plastic moving boxes/totes at the location of your choosing for FREE at the time that is most convenient for you!  If you need them for longer than expected, you can extend your rental time in weekly increments.  Since most people spend at least three hours breaking down and storing/recycling/disposing of/giving away boxes, Monster Tote saves you time, again making Monster Tote much more convenient than cardboard boxes.

Each of these things makes your move a bit more convenient, and when considered together, there is no comparison.  Choosing Monster Tote will make your move much more convenient than cardboard moving boxes!  To hear our customers’ own words about how convenient Monster Tote will make your move, visit

For more information on how Monster Tote will make your move more convenient, as well as other reasons our plastic moving boxes/totes are superior to cardboard moving boxes, see

Let Monster Tote help make your move convenient and stress-free!  Call 402-401-7220 or email and order today!