What makes Monster Tote more Affordable than Cardboard Moving Boxes?

When moving, most people drive to the store and purchase cardboard moving boxes, which is NOT a very affordable choice.  And how many people only make one trip to the store?  Not many.  The first way Monster Tote saves your money is because we deliver our plastic moving boxes to your door for FREE, saving you money on gas and making your move more affordable than buying cardboard boxes!


Now, consider the cost of cardboard boxes……and tape, a tape gun, bubble wrap, labels, etc.  You will probably spend $414 on moving materials for a 4-bedroom home, NOT including the cost of labels and bubble wrap.  A Monster Tote five-week rental for a 4-bedroom home, costs $349 or $259 if you use our realtor discount, saving you $65 – $155!!!  Labels are included for FREE, you won’t need tape or tape guns (each Monster Tote has hinged lids), and you won’t need as much bubble wrap since Monster Totes do not break.  Clearly, Monster Tote is more affordable cardboard boxes!!

Monster Tote Moving Prices

“Wait a minute,” you say, “the pictures below include 170 boxes compared to 75 totes for that 4-bedroom move.”  Each Monster Tote is 24″ x 17″ x 12″ (similar to a large box), whereas those 170 boxes are various sizes.  Moreover, each Monster Tote holds 75 lbs (and has handles for easy carrying).  Try putting 75 lbs in a cardboard box…..it breaks.  Thus, you need fewer of our plastic moving boxes than cardboard boxes, which not only makes Monster Tote more affordable than cardboard boxes, but also saves you time not carrying those 170 boxes to the moving truck and into your house (and if you’re hiring movers, time = money).  All of this makes Monster Tote more affordable than cardboard boxes!


“But what about hidden fees or surcharges?” you ask.  Monster Tote values honesty and transparency.  This includes our pricing.  There are no hidden fees or surcharges.  As long as you provide complete and accurate information when placing your order, the prices are final and will not change.  Rest assured that at the end of your move, Monster Tote will remain more affordable than cardboard boxes.


Still don’t believe us?  Check out https://www.utilityhound.com/plastic-moving-boxes/4-reasons-to-use-plastic-moving-containers-over-cardboard-boxes/.  Cardboard boxes are thrown away, recycled, stored, or passed along to others after moving.  You still purchased them though, and whatever store you bought them from has to order new boxes to sell, offering no incentive for them to save you money.  Monster Tote picks-up our plastic moving boxes for FREE, and they can be re-used for hundreds of moves.  This means that once the initial cost of our plastic moving boxes is covered, we can pass the savings to you, again making Monster Tote more affordable than cardboard boxes.


Visit https://monstertote.com/ page/pricing-by-week for more information on Monster Tote pricing.  We offer various packages depending on the size of your home and how many weeks you rent.  Let Monster Tote make your move more affordable!  Call 402-401-7220 or email jmcconnell@monstertote.com and order today!