What Locations Does Monster Tote Serve?

Monster Tote serves the Omaha, Nebraska metro location.  This includes Gretna, Elkhorn, Bennington, Council Bluffs, Plattsmouth, and Fort Calhoun (https://monstertote.com/).  If your delivery or pickup is outside of our service location but still within a 40-mile radius from respective metros, Monster Tote is happy to go the extra distance for a minimal additional fee (https://monstertote.com/page/faq). Simply call Monster Tote at 402-401-7220 or email jmcconnell@monstertote.com for a quote.

The Midlands Business Journal featured Monster Tote as an alternative moving solution in the Omaha metro location, focusing on several important features of Monster Tote.  Such features include how Monster Tote offers those in the Omaha metro location a convenient, affordable, eco-friendly, sanitary, and sturdy moving solution compared to the stress and hassle of using cardboard moving boxes.  The article highlights how Monster Tote offers residential and commercial moving packages, works with several realtors in the Omaha metro location, and delivers plastic moving boxes/totes to your door and picks them up upon completion of your move. You can learn more about Monster Tote in the Midlands Business Journal article posted below.

“Why Omaha, Nebraska?” one might ask.  Owner John McConnell grew up in western Nebraska and completed his education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  McConnell’s resume includes extensive experience in sales and management working for fortune 500 companies and small companies throughout the United States and abroad.  Working in so many areas taught McConnell two important life lessons.  First, there is no place like Nebraska, and second, moving is never any fun!

After doing much research in the moving industry, McConnell saw a need in the Omaha metro location to provide a competitive moving solution that is more convenient, affordable, eco-friendly, sanitary, and sturdy than cardboard moving boxes. Thus, Monster Tote came to be!

In the future, McConnell plans to expand Monster Tote to Lincoln, Nebraska and to enter markets in other states, including Kansas City and Colorado.  If you or someone you know would like to start a Monster Tote in your location, contact Monster Tote at 402-401-7220 or email jmcconnell@monstertote.com!  We look forward to working with you!

Choose Monster Tote for your next move in the Omaha metro!  Call 402-401-7220 or email jmcconnell@monstertote.com, and order today!