Support Local! Shop Monster Tote!

Monster Tote is a local business providing an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly moving solution in the Omaha metro.  It was founded by owner John McConnell, who grew up in western Nebraska and completed his education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  Through Monster Tote, McConnell provides a local moving solution that is more convenient, affordable, eco-friendly, sanitary, and sturdy than cardboard boxes.  (

Why should one should support local businesses like Monster Tote?  There are many reasons, some of which you can read about here:  First, local businesses encourage growth in the local economy by supporting other local businesses.  Some of the local businesses that Monster Tote works with include Pixel Fire Marketing, The Noel Company, Cutthroat Print, 316 Strategy Group, King’s Moving, Second to None Moving, Commercial State Bank, and Superior Sales & ServiceLocal businesses also strengthen the local economy because they create jobs.  All Monster Tote employees live in the Omaha metro, helping to ensure that people in our community are employed and able to support themselves and their families.  Finally, local business owners strengthen the local economy because, being a small business owner themselves, they want to support other local businesses, including local coffee shops, local restaurants, and even local farmers!

Another reason to support local business owners is that they provide better customer service by forming a personal relationship with their customers.  When you contact Monster Tote, you will not listen to a recording, be transferred multiple times, or be put on hold.  Instead, you will speak with one of our representatives who is knowledgeable about our product and will happily answer any of your questions.  All of us can probably recall being in a store owned by a major corporation, asking about a product, and the employee not being able (or willing!!) to help.

Finally, when you support local businesses, your money is not going to a CEO of a major corporation that makes hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars.  You are helping the local business owner put food on the table for their family, pay their monthly bills, including their mortgage, childcare, and healthcare costs, and helping their children be able to join little league baseball or take dance lessons.  One small purchase can make a big difference for a local business owner and his/her family!  In a sense, every purchase is not just an economic act but a moral and ethical decision as well; “What value system do I want to support with my money?”  For more reasons to support local businesses and for suggestions on how to do so, visit

Choose local businesses like Monster Tote for your next move!  Call 402-401-7220 or email and order today!