Monster Tote’s Local Business Spotlight: Pirates and Pixies

Have you heard of Pirates and Pixies in west Omaha?!  At Monster Tote, we love to support local businesses!  Many of you know that owner of Monster Tote, John McConnell, and his wife, Sara, are expecting their first child, and one of the local businesses Sara has come to love throughout her pregnancy is Pirates and Pixies.  Just the other day, John stopped by after a Monster Tote delivery to pick up a bassinet!

Owner of Pirates and Pixies, Andrea Foley, has been in business for about ten years, offering those in the Omaha community affordable and high-quality resale kids clothes, toys, books, maternity clothing, baby supplies (strollers, bouncers, bassinets, carriers, etc), cloth diapers, and much more!  Not only can you buy great quality items for great prices, you can also sell your kids’ stuff to them (score for you!), which they will then sell in their store.

In addition to the affordable, high-quality items, Sara has also appreciated Pirates and Pixies’ extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff!  Sara really wanted to try cloth diapering but was a bit overwhelmed by all the different types of cloth diapers, as well as the cost.  One day she stopped at Pirates and Pixies, and the staff thoroughly explained the pros and cons of each type of cloth diaper, helping her choose the best type for her, John, and baby.

Not only that, Pirates and Pixies had one of the most reputable brands of cloth diapers at a fraction of the cost of buying new!  They were cleaned so well; Sara wouldn’t have even known they were used!  And to top it all off, after signing up for their discount program, Sara received a text a couple weeks later offering a 40% discount on any purchase, so she was able to add even more cloth diapers to her stash!

While Pirates and Pixies and Monster Tote may seem like two very different businesses, they share three common values: local, affordable, and eco-friendly.  Both are local to the Omaha area and focus on supporting other local business owners.  Affordable – raising kids and moving are both expensive, but Pirates and Pixies and Monster Tote cut the costs associated with these expenses, saving you money!  Eco-friendly – Instead of throwing your kids’ stuff away, Pirates and Pixies offers you an incentive for your kids’ items to be re-used; they will buy it from you!  Think about all the packaging, clothes, toys, etc that are saved from the landfill because of places like Pirates and Pixies, and cloth diapers, while not for everyone, also saves families money and offers families an eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers.

So go ahead and give Pirates and Pixies a quick visit, scroll through their website at https://www.omahakids, or give them a quick “Like” and “Follow” on their Facebook page at piratesandpixiesomaha/.  And don’t forget to do the same for Monster and!!