How Do I Order Moving Boxes/Totes from Monster Tote?

There are three ways to place a Monster Tote order.  You can call, email, or visit our website.  Some people prefer to work directly with one of our representatives.  To do so, simply call Monster Tote at 402-401-7220 or email, and we will place an order for you based on the information you provide.

Another way to place an order with Monster Tote is to visit our website at products-list.  Select the package that fits your needs best, for example a “Four Bedroom Residential Move.”  Click how many weeks you would like to rent our plastic moving boxes/totes, and choose the dates that are most convenient for you.  Press “Add to Cart.”  Then you will choose “View Cart” to add moving supplies to your order or “Checkout” to complete your order.  Next, you will enter your contact information as well as a location for Monster Tote to deliver your plastic moving boxes/totes.

After you click “Continue,” you will be asked if you are within the Omaha Metro, which is our service location.  If not, we will contact you to see how we can best serve your needs.  Then you will add a pick-up address, which will be the location Monster Tote picks-up the plastic moving boxes/totes from when your move is complete.  The final step of your order is to pay online, after which an invoice will be sent to your email.

Monster Tote will call, text, or email you the day before the delivery date you chose when you placed your order.  We will then arrange a time that is convenient for you to deliver your plastic moving boxes/totes.  After they are delivered, you pack and move them to your new location.  Then, the day before your pick-up date, Monster Tote will call, email, or text you again to arrange a time that is convenient for you to have us to pick up your plastic moving boxes/totes.  If you need to change your delivery or pick-up date, need more plastic moving boxes/totes than expected, or need your plastic moving boxes/totes for longer than expected, just contact Monster Tote, and we will be happy to adjust your order accordingly.  To read reviews from customers who have ordered from Monster Tote in the past, visit:  You will see how much our customers loved using Monster Tote as an affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly moving solution!

Order from Monster Tote today!!!  Call 402-401-7220, email, or visit products-list.  We look forward to working with you!