Does Monster Tote Offer Moving Supplies?

Monster Tote offers a wide variety of moving supplies for your next move!  In addition, Monster Tote delivers our plastic moving boxes/totes and moving supplies directly to your door for FREE!  Monster Tote packages come with FREE labels, and Monster Tote will also supply you with hand dollies, moving wheels, bubble wrap, packing paper, wardrobe boxes, mattress covers, and zip ties.  You decide which moving supplies you need and simply add them to your order!  Visit for more information.

Dollies & Moving Wheels

Hand dollies and moving wheels will make your move more convenient and save you time.  Both of these moving supplies allow you to load several Monster Totes at a time versus carrying each one individually.  Hand dollies typically range from $135 – $199, but you can rent a hand dolly with Monster Tote for just $5/week!  Moving wheels typically range from $50 – $55, but again, when you rent with Monster Tote, you can rent a set of moving wheels for just $5/week!

Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper, Labels, and Zip Ties

Monster Tote also provides bubble wrap, packing paper, and zip ties.  Bubble wrap and packing paper will come in handy when you pack items that are fragile, such as dishes or photo frames.  Zip ties also come in handy when moving, specifically for cords and cables.

You may also want to order additional moving supplies, such as wardrobe boxes and mattress covers.  While many customers find Monster Totes perfect for packing their clothes, some customers need wardrobe boxes to pack professional dresses, skirts, suits, etc.  Mattress covers protect your mattress (what you sleep on EVERY night!!) from dirt, dust, bugs, and weather such as rain or snow.

Bubble wrap, packing paper, and mattress covers top the list of 10 Must-Have Moving Supplies at!  “But what about cardboard boxes, tape, and tape guns?  Those are on this list too!” you may say.  When you move with Monster Tote, cardboard moving boxes, tape, and tape guns won’t be on your list of moving supplies!!  Monster Tote’s plastic moving boxes/totes take the place of cardboard moving boxes for your move.  Our plastic moving boxes/totes are more convenient than cardboard moving boxes, because Monster Tote delivers them directly to your door for FREE and they don’t require any assembly!  All you have to do is pack them and close the attached lid, which snaps together to keep your valuables safe and secure, thus eliminating the need for tape and tape guns!  This will save you so much time during your move!

And when your move is complete, simply open our plastic moving boxes/totes and unpack!  Monster Tote will then come and pick them up for FREE!  No cutting through tape, tearing down, or storing/recycling/disposing of cardboard moving boxes!  Monster Tote is also more affordable, sanitary, sturdy, and weather-resistant when compared with cardboard moving boxes (read other blogs or visit for more information).

Let Monster Tote provide you with all your moving supplies for your next move!  Call 402-401-7220 or email and order today!