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No matter if you’re packing up a studio apartment or an entire corporate office – we’ve
got a package that’ll fit your needs.

Moving Boxes

Moving is quite the experience, whether you’re moving from an apartment, a house, or moving into a new office, Monster Tote has just what you’re looking for. There are many aspects to moving that can make it difficult. One of those being moving boxes. Where to find them, knowing how many you need, and how to get rid of them after the move. Monster Tote provides affordable, easy to use stackable moving totes to make your move easier. These affordable moving totes are sturdy and sanitary compared to cardboard boxes that can absorb all kinds of bacteria and pests. Monster Tote is here to help with your next move.

Moving and Packing Solutions – Home

Monster Tote provides moving and packing solutions for all moves. When moving from a house there are many aspects involved. Monster Tote will provide you with all the tools you need to make for an easy, stress-free move. Monster Tote also provides other packing accessories you might need such as packing tape, bubble wrap, zip ties, and wrapping paper. There are a variety of options when it comes to choosing your packing solutions. Here are what some of those packages include:

Moving and Packing Solutions – Business/Commercial

Monster Tote is a great moving solution, especially when it comes to an office move. Convenience is key when moving a commercial business and getting it done in a timely manner. Monster Tote can provided you with the right tools to accomplish your next move without the hassle of finding boxes. These affordable moving totes are safe and sturdy to carry heavy loads. These totes are also stackable which will provide you with plenty of room in your moving trucks when packing up your office. Monster Tote business packages include:

Why Choose Monster Tote

Moving day can be unpredictable, especially when finding moving materials like moving boxes, tape, and figuring out where to take your boxes when you are finished. Monster Tote is a stress-free convenient option for your next move. Monster Tote provides you with stackable, affordable moving totes that help to keep your apartment or home organized while moving. You simply let Monster Tote know when you would like your moving bins and we drop them off to your door. After your move, Monster Tote will pick up your moving totes and you are good to go! Our moving totes are also Eco-friendly which not only helps the environment, but also gives you one less thing to worry about when trying to dispose of your cardboard boxes.

Call today to order your moving totes and help make your next move less stressful!