Monster Tote Offers Solutions for Commercial Moves

Commercial moves are no problem for Monster Tote! Don’t take our word for it though; read what our satisfied customers have to say.  Dan Hamilton, Service Manager at BMW/Mini of Omaha, says, “Monster Tote made our move really simple. Instead of using flimsy boxes to move items of different shapes, sizes, and weights, we were able to move everything using the totes. They were easy to label and easy to stack.  They were delivered and picked up on time and with ease. Hats off to Monster Tote and owner John McConnell for the exceptional service that was provided!”  Or, listen to Sara Baguyos from the Omaha Symphony, “Monster Tote helped the Omaha Symphony move our collection of sheet music to a new space. The totes were earth-friendly, sturdy, and kept our music organized during the move.”

As you can see, Monster Tote offers a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly commercial moving solution within the Omaha metro.  They are convenient because the totes are delivered and picked up from your business for free, no assembly or tape is required (saving you lots of time!!), and Monster Tote provides additional moving supplies if needed.  Commercial moves with Monster Tote are affordable compared to the cost of moving with cardboard boxes, and they are eco-friendly; our totes save trees, reduce cardboard in landfills, and lower the carbon footprint of your commercial move.

One common question for commercial moves with Monster Tote is, “How many totes does my business need to move?”  Each of our totes measures 24″x 17″x 12″ which fits approximately 2 feet (or 24 inches) of either letter or legal size files/file folders and still has some room left.  So, when you measure the filing cabinets in your office, you can easily calculate how many boxes you would need per cabinet.  A small office with just a few employees may use 25 or 35 totes, whereas a larger office may need 50, 70 or even 100+ totes.

Another common question for commercial moves with Monster Tote is, “How do we place an order for our commercial move?”  The answer is simple!  Just use the regular, residential online order form.  Order a “xyz Bedroom Residential Move” for however many totes you need, even though you are using the totes for a commercial move.  The residential and commercial rates are the same for up to 75 totes.  For orders above 75 totes and rental periods longer than 3 weeks, please contact Monster Tote at 402-401-7220.  If you are not sure how many totes your business will need, you can start with a certain number of totes and add on later, having us bring a second or even a third delivery.  We will pro-rate the charges and make sure you get our best rates!

Commercial moves can be stressful, but Monster Tote is here to help!  Just ask the Omaha Symphony or BMW/Mini of Omaha!  Moving with Monster Tote will make your commercial move more convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly.  Contact Monster Tote today at 402-401-7220 or for your commercial move.  And just to make sure your commercial move goes smoothly, here is a handy commercial moving checklist:!