Monster Tote More Eco-Friendly and Sustainable than Cardboard Moving Boxes!

Monster Tote proudly offers an eco-friendly and sustainable moving solution in the Omaha Metro!!  Did you know that 95% of cardboard boxes are discarded after a single use, or that 24 million tons of cardboard are discarded each year?  What about the fact that the demand for cardboard has made it the single largest waste product in people’s trash?

Check out the picture of cardboard boxes from the Council Bluffs Recycling Center.  While recycling cardboard boxes is certainly more eco-friendly and sustainable than throwing them away, imagine what a positive environmental impact we could have if no one used cardboard moving boxes!  Clearly, using cardboard moving boxes is not an eco-friendly or sustainable choice!

Monster Tote delivers eco-friendly and sustainable plastic moving boxes/totes right to your door.  Our plastic moving boxes/totes are made out of recycled plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the negative environmental impact of how they were made.  Monster Tote also picks them up when you are finished, and they are reused for hundreds of moves, making Monster Tote a  zero-waste moving solution!

Learn more about how Monster Tote makes your move more eco-friendly and sustainable here: page/eco_friendly.  For more eco-friendly and sustainable moving tips, including the use of renting reusable totes made out of recycled plastic like our’s, see https://www.mymovingreviews. com/move/tips-for-an-eco-friendly-move/.

While Monster Tote serves the Omaha metro, not too far away, the city of Lincoln became more eco-friendly and sustainable when Mayor Chris Beutler banned all residents and businesses from throwing away cardboard moving boxes in 2018.  This ban reduces the 39 million pounds of cardboard per year that was going into the city’s landfill and increases the city’s recycling rate!  Click the following link to learn more: govt-and-politics/cardboard-ban-begins-april-in-lincoln-residents-urged-to-take/article_d6 4f0931-89ee-5331-8eda-5cebd7aa2ee0.html.

Join Monster Tote in making Omaha a more eco-friendly and sustainable city by protecting the planet when you move!  Call 402-401-7220 or email and order today!