Is Monster Tote Flexible if my Moving Date Changes, I need more Plastic Moving Boxes/Totes, or if I Need the Plastic Moving Boxes/Totes Longer Than Expected?

Monster Tote provides you with flexible service to accommodate your schedule and moving needs.  When you place a Monster Tote order, you choose the date and time for delivery and pick-up of our plastic moving boxes/totes that is most convenient for you!  Both the delivery and pick-up are included for FREE!

Monster Tote knows, however, that moving can be unpredictable and that the key to a convenient and stress-free move is remaining flexible.  Sometimes moving dates change, other times you realize you have more stuff than you thought and need more moving boxes, and sometimes life just gets busy and unpacking takes longer than expected.  In all these instances, Monster Tote provides you with flexible service to make your move convenient and stress-free!

As mentioned, sometimes moving dates change.  Whether a major life event, a change in kids’ schedules, a sickness, or bad weather, moving dates require one to be flexible.  If your moving date changes, contact Monster Tote at 402-401-7220 or, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  For tips on selecting a moving date, read and https://www.steinway

Other times, you start packing, and……“Uh-oh!!!  I have way more stuff than I thought and need more moving boxes!!”  Not to worry!  This happens more often than you think!  Lucky for you, Monster Tote knows how important it is to be flexible during the moving process and will deliver more of our plastic moving boxes/totes directly to your door!  Just place another order online at or call/email us at 402-401-7220 or for pricing.  We will consolidate the pick-up date of both orders so that all of our plastic moving boxes/totes can be picked up at the same time.  Just think, if you were using cardboard moving boxes, you would have to get in the car, drive to the store, fill your cart with another set of boxes, load those in your trunk, and assemble them once you got home.  Thus, Monster Tote provides you with flexible service that makes your move much more convenient and stress-free!

Finally, sometimes life just gets busy, and you need more time than expected to unpack.  Not to worry!  Monster Tote will be flexible with your pick-up date as well!  You can extend your rental time in weekly increments by contacting Monster Tote four days before your original pick-up date.  Just call us at 402-401-7220 or email jmcconnell@monster  For tips on how to make efficiently unpack after moving, see

We know moving can be unpredictable, so let Monster Tote provide you with flexible service for your next move!  Call 402-401-7220 or email and order today!