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How Does it Work?

We currently serve the Omaha, NE Metro.

If your delivery or pickup is going to be outside of our service area but still within a 40-mile radius from respective Metros, we will be able to go the extra distance for an additional fee. Please call or email us for a quote.

No. A delivery and pick up to detached single-family houses or an apartment with an elevator in the building is included. For buildings without elevators, a ground floor lobby or hallway delivery and pickup are included. If your building has no elevator and you would like us to deliver to or pick up the totes inside your unit, there is an additional charge of $5 per tote.

First, place your order online with a secured deposit. Then, our representative will call you the day before delivery to confirm location and time. The same process will be used for pick up. You or your representative have to be present during the delivery and pickup.

Depending on the package you choose, at least one set of Monster Wheels are included with, a set of tote labels. Additional packing materials are listed on our web site and can be added to your order online or at the time of delivery.

Absolutely, you have a couple of options; if you want the movers to pack your belongings, let them know you already have totes for moving and ask them to discount their fee for the boxes you won’t be using, along with the time that they won’t be assembling and taping up boxes. Otherwise, pack the totes yourselves and pay the movers just for moving them.

We accept major credit and debit cards. A full payment has to be made at the delivery of your Monster Totes and Merchandise.

As long as we have the inventory and time, we do. However, a charge of up to 25% may apply.

No, for liability reasons we deliver and pick up all of our products.

No, as long as you have provided complete and accurate information while placing your order. The prices are final and will not change once we are provided all accurate information. Being honest and transparent in regards to our pricing is our company philosophy.

As long as you cancel the delivery within 24 hours, you can receive a full refund. If it’s under 24 hours a $25 Cancellation fee will be charged.

Yes. Each Monster Tote location has their own available dates and times for delivery and pick up. However, we’ll work with you as best we can to make the drop-off and pick-ups are as convenient as possible.

Yes. Contact your Monster Tote representative and they will provide you pricing. You can extend your rental time in weekly increments either during placing your order or by contacting us four days before your original pickup date. If you don’t return the boxes on the agreed pickup date, we will charge you for the replacement cost of the totes at $25 per tote.

Just place another order online or call us for pricing. We will consolidate the pickup date so that both orders can be picked up at the same time.

Having been cleaned with soap and dried with compressed air, all our boxes get disinfected thoroughly after each use so that they arrive clean and in great condition.

Moving can be stressful and unpredictable. Simply email us at or call (833) 698-6837. Our staff members will do their best to accommodate you.

Save your time, money and the environment with our green Monster Totes. When you use our green Monster Totes, you do not have to waste your time shopping around, buying, assembling and eventually discarding the cardboard boxes. You will also save money by not purchasing expensive cardboard boxes and tape, just to take them to a landfill at the end of the day.

No, we are not. However, we can recommend a couple of good moving companies if you call us. Great moving companies are always busy, so please book in advance.

Every order includes one free delivery and pick up. If you need more than one delivery or pick up, a $25 fee will be applied for each instance. Additional deliveries and pick-ups also depend on our availability.