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Did you Know?

95% of manufactured cardboard boxes are discarded after a single use. These discarded boxes are included in the 1 billion trees worth of paper thrown away every year.

Right now, there are over 400 million tons of paper and cardboard being manufactured worldwide. Just in the United States and Canada, there are approximately 1,500 corrugated packing plants. The demand for using cardboard as a packaging material has made it the single largest waste product (by weight) in your trash and it is estimated that over 24 million tons of cardboard are discarded each year.

Help us Reduce the Impact of Moving on Mother Earth.

That’s where we come in. Monster Tote knows that by reusing our zero-waste plastic moving boxes, we can eliminate moving waste, using a sanitary, and convenient solution for everyone! All the while, Monster Totes saves trees and the planet by preventing future waste!

We believe in sustainability and giving back to the environment. Our totes are made of recycled plastic and can be used for thousands of moves. They do not absorb any of the harmful bacteria that cardboard boxes do. A Monster Tote will not break, bend, or tear under any load. Every tote has hinged lids, allowing you to easily add more items to your tote without re-taping or tearing, and the handles are functional for carrying with ease!

Let’s Make our Cities Eco-Friendly!

As of April 2018, Lincoln, NE will begin banning cardboard from the city landfill. Banning just cardboard from the landfill could increase the amount of material recycled by 40%. Partner with Monster Tote to make your city eco-friendlier!

Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler is surrounded by bales of cardboard at Mid America Recycling during a press conference Thursday to kick off the city’s education campaign ahead of the April 1st ban on cardboard going to the landfill.

Our Happy Customers

This has been a great experience moving! The totes keep
you organized and it is so much easier loading the totes.
We have moved numerous times and Monster Tote has
absolutely made this the best move we have made.

-Carrie R. Omaha, NE