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In virtually every aspect, packing with Monster Tote’s reusable plastic boxes beats traditional packing methods.
Here are just a few of our favorite benefits.


Getting moving materials couldn’t be easier. Simply let us know when you’d like your Monster Totes delivered, we drop them off right at your doorstep. Once you’ve unpacked, let us know when you’d like us to pick them up from your new residence.


Not only are cardboard boxes a nightmare for us to dispose of (cut, fold, smash, punch, stomp, repeat) – but Mother Nature isn’t too fond of them, either. Cardboard boxes destroy trees and fill landfills, while our reusable plastic moving boxes can be used again and again and again – giving us and Mother Nature one less thing to worry about.

Sturdy and Sanitary

If you’re considering finding used boxes– just don’t. Often times, used boxes sit on the floors of warehouses for months or are soiled in food products. The cardboard can absorb all kinds of harmful bacteria and carry pests (and pest droppings) to your new home. Used boxes are also very likely to break under a heavy load. Monster Totes are sanitized after each use and can handle even the heaviest of loads.


Using cardboard boxes, the average cost of materials it would require to move a three bedroom home (boxes, tape gun, rolls of tape) is $376, not including delivery, disposal fees and your time assembling/disassembling the boxes.